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Rules and Tips

Introduction The WAF Reputation

Selling and Buying Animals

You have a choice in the game when you sell or buy animals.

You can decide to act as a guardian of animals and contact the WAF (the World Animal Foundation).


The WAF offers interesting prices for the animals it sells you and, weak prices for the animals it buys from you.


The reason being that the WAF buys animals in order to reintroduce them into the wild thereby, protecting the species from extinction.

On the other hand, you can decide not to be concerned by the issue of species protection and choose the Black Market.


On the Black Market, one can sell and buy anything, for different reasons:

- Organising private hunts,
- Getting a wild pet,
- Making oneself an exotic bedside rug,
- Etc.

When you make the choice of selling or buying on the Black Market, you are aware that you contribute to the traffic of animals;
but then, everyone has their own preoccupations and yours may be money.


No need to tell you that the WAF will be hard on those players who choose to sell or buy their animals on the Black Market...


So, think well before you pick your side!


Advice: If you do not want to risk reprisals, always buy and sell your animals to the WAF. If despite all, you want to sell animals on the Black Market, hire a manager who is very skilled in monkey business!

Introduction The WAF Reputation
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